Friday, March 20, 2009

On The Road Grinning

You know what is a real turn on.


I just finished the first of 5 days lectures here in Fresno to an audience of people wanting to become relationship (sex education) trainers. They came from far afield and the number was kept low so that there would be an intimate feeling and opportunties for questions.

Every time I lecture I have to deal with nerves, and it was particularly true with this one. I hadn't given a day long lecture like this one for awhile and I get myself all wound up in 'visions of failure' ... But from the moment I started the group responded with interest.

Real interest.

Real excitement.

Real enthusiasm.

As the day went on one almost felt a difference being made. Like change was cooking in each mind ... wow. Double Wow.

They spurred me on and I found myself responding passioantely to questions and wanting to give them the best day that I could.

I'm back on the road.

I'm back.

(I promised Rose I would mention to those in Southern Ontario that I'm giving a lecture on heirarchy, power and communication ... on a week Friday. For flyers contact


Anonymous said...

Your back??? Did you think your teaching spirit had flown the coop? You were here all the time whether physically or spiritually the passion is alive and always has been! Sounds like you are having a great trip.

Cathy said...

your thought on Obama, re Special Olympics joke on Leno? I didnt know where else to post this to you
thnks hope you can share your thoughts

adrienne lauby said...

Obama needs education. Then he'll make a public apology with truth behind it. Let's asl the Kennedys to take him to a Special Olympic event where he can listen to some of the athletes tell him directly what they felt when they heard his comment.

We need to trust him -- not to make mistakes -- but to care enough to learn and grow from them.

Anonymous said...


I was there, in Fresno. You did a great job. I've already finished "First Contact."

This may sound stupid but I really felt a connection. We share a lot of the same beliefs....about abuse of power, dignity, communication, etc.

That's why I am here at this moment.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I was there today and you did make a difference.

We carpooled back and couldn't stop talking about your presentation!

Cathy said...

adrienne lauby hanks i agree, feeling much more positive about tit today, I seen more footage and he knew what he did, I think he shall be our best advocate