Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blogging In A Rush

I'm at a hotel down in Falmouth that doesn't have internet in the rooms but has this weird little space to access the internet. The cord isn't long enough for the keyboard to be comfortably reachable and the monitor is attached the wall in the way that televisions used to be hung in institutions ... up and out of the way. I had written a blog for today and thought I could use my computer here to hop onto the wireless net but, no, that didn't work.

So here I am, last minute before a big lecture, trying to get something up and on for the day. I've had to form my body into this odd position in order to be able to both type on the keyboard and see the television.

As I assumed the position I remembered a kid in the classroom I worked in all those years ago who, because of his disability, had a body that was shaped a bit differently than others. I realize that this set up would work perfect for him. That he'd have no trouble with either the board or the screen.

Finally, a one of a kind adaptive devise for a kid with a disability, ok so it's a few decades late and an ocean away ... but then, you know with wait lists and all ..

Note about the Canadian Blog Awards, because there are so few blogs competing in the disability category they are combining rounds one and two for voting. So that means you only get one vote. So if you voted in round one, thanks, but if you have not yet voted please head over by clicking the button at the top of the blog and then you'll find Chewing the Fat in the disability category. If the button doesn't work just go to www.cdnba.wordpress.com

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gracie1956 said...

I gave you my vote, I guess it doesn't matter that I'm from the USA. If it does matter, I'm not telling.