Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Boy


I'm in New York City, it's early Sunday morning and I'm excited. We're going to meet our old friend Bobra Fyne for lunch. I can't wait. First we searched the internet to find a great vegetarian restaurant and second we're going to have a chance to really chat with someone we've known for a long time but seen seldomly.

We learned that a few months ago Bobra had to undergo serious surgery - for, um, women's problems - and that because of surgical complications she had a long recovery process. Well, that just ramps up our excitement about seeing her. We want to see her well, know that she's ok ... but there's something else.


Recently we realized that there are three reasons that we know that we are long past middle age. Yep, we are 55 and that's only middle if we expect to make 110. Beyond age, there are other ways of knowing that youth is a thing remembered and that you are somewhere between dottering and drooling. For us ...

1) We got a paycheck in the mail and used it to pay our bills and decided to bank the rest of it. And we were excited about this.

2) The last cd we bought was from a rack in the drug store. Carly Simon's greatest hits for $4.99. And we were excited about this.

3) We found ourselves, yesterday, having a really interesting talk about bowel movements and sore joints and hearing loss. We know we're going to see Bobra and hear all about her time in the hospital and in recovery and ... and ... and we are excited about this.

Yes, we find discussing our various physical complaints, our dealings with doctors, our aging, fun!

Of course, I have the trump card ... anyone notice the wheelchair?

Bring on Bobra, I know she's got some good medical horror stories, I've saved a few up myself.


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Anonymous said...

"And we were excited about this". Who *says* the young have all the fun?