Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top Ten

Bar none.

Yep, the best disability website I've ever visited would have to be OUCH ... the BBC site that can be found at . It's a site I drop in regularly as I did today during a break at work. They had a feature that, oddly because I thought I'd read the whole site, I'd not noticed.

They do a top ten list in a semi (mostly) humourous and a semi (lesser) serious way. All on issues about having a disability or being disabled in a nondisabled world. I loved it. I immediately thought of lists I'd like to write.

For the rest of the day I've had a pad and pen with me. First thing I found out, it's harder to write a 'top ten' list than you'd think. But finally by nine tonight I had a list.


10: Everyone thinks you are sooooo patient and sooooo special.

9: You get to set goals for others that you can't reach yourself. Way Cool.

8: Every day is different ... some are even terrifying.

7: After a week you can eat a peanut butter sandwich while wiping someone's butt.

6: A 6 figure income, if you consider the .00 as two figures.

5: Getting really down deep excited when someone buttons their shirt up right.

4: Going to the movies, in the afternoon, on work time.

3: Being trusted to get it right with someone elses life when you get it wrong in your own.

2: Being challenged to grow and learn without being in therapy.

1: Well, that will have to wait 'till tomorrow's post, won't it.


Anonymous said...

Dave, You know how to hit the mark. Number 2 - 'Classic' so spot on.
I think we should all re-think; or maybe just 'think' would be good.

JudyN said...

Loved the list, too true. Should be included in all new staff training!

Susan said...

That list wouldn't be so darn funny if it wasn't so darn close to home.

But hey, I'm glad SOMEONE knows I'm sooooo patient and sooooo special. :)

I loved every point except #1. How could you leave us hangning like that? You're toying with us, Dave... :)

sandy said...


Copied and pasted your Top 10 (minus #1) to some of our nurses and other interested parties with a link to your blog. Would it be Ok if I use this list now and then with new employees?

Dave Hingsburger said...

Absolutely you can use anything here on this blog as long as you attribute the writing to me and source the blog. Dave