Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sometimes I just don't understand machines. I'm not mechanically oriented - putting gas in the car is what I figure makes it go. Computers are a complete mystery to me, I use them, but I don't get them. Typewriters, now those I understood in my antiques road show brain. I remember neice Erin, who lived with us for a while, trying to teach me about computers. She'd look at me with that look that the young reserve for either the very old or the very daft and just gently shake her head.

This morning I came to post something for today and when I hit the 'view blog' button, it wasn't there. So, I doubled back and then hit the button again. It still wasn't there. Then I looked more closely at the blog and found that it was posted as if it was written a couple days ago. So, for you diligent readers who are interested, today's post is called "pause" and it's the second one after this one.

Why it's there, I don't know. Perhaps because I did a draft of it a couple days ago and the computer posts the post for the day it was drafted not the day it was published. But that's a guess. My guess could have as easily been - magic put it there - I ate my dessert before my meal yesterday and God is punishing me by messing up my blog - the butler did it.

You know at the speed that the world changes, sometimes I feel what it must be like to have an intellectual disability. I just don't understand things the way I used to. I used to be able to operate any photocopy machine I came across. Put the paper in, close the lid, hit the green button. Now it seems you need a pilot's licence to operate one. I used to 'get' music - now it's just 'turn that racket down' noise. I still like phones that just ring.

In honesty, I understand the Joe guy I wrote about in today's post that appears as if it was written two days ago for reasons I don't understand. I think the world moves to fast, that change isn't only constant it's constantly challenging me. Sometimes I just want to blow and yell at the entire world - CAN WE JUST STOP FOR A MOMENT PLEASE?

But I won't, but today, when we drive to the airport. I think I'm going to close my eyes.

To get what I'm talking about please see ... 'pause' below. This may happen again tomorrow because I'm working on a piece called "Lovely Rita" and if this does post the day drafted, it will appear after this note. Are you confused ... I am ... I need a nice cup of green tea.

(if there are any fellow bloggers out there who can tell me how to get my posts to appear on the day published, not the day drafted ... if that is the problem ... could you post a note to me please and tell me how to do this?)


Belinda said...

I feel as though I'm in school waving my hand in the air and saying in my head, "Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!"

This is what to do: Click Edit, then at the bottom right of the window you'll see, "Post and comment options." You can make the post appear as if it was posted in the future or the past. I do this all the time!
I hope this helps.
Your tech support! Belinda, a.k.a Blog Princess

Inkyluca said...
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Whatshername? said...

-New comment on old post by someone who must obsessively read the archives of everything-

"You know at the speed that the world changes, sometimes I feel what it must be like to have an intellectual disability. I just don't understand things the way I used to"

...And when you think you've learned something, you find out you've only learned a tiny piece of something. And then you realize that tiny piece took years to learn. Frustration abounds!