Saturday, July 03, 2021


 My PSW.

I have met two but only one came back. The one I liked. She is a bit shy to talk to but is up and enthusiastic about helping me. She agreed to allow Joe to train her in the tasks that she needed to do and watched carefully everything Joe did. She learned when to step out of the room, when to help, and how to know when I'm panicked. We finished the training Thursday and all agreed that Friday she would take over the main job which requires both strength and touch.

This has all been very tough for me and it's taken a lot of getting used to, but my PSW has allowed me to be frank and unafraid in speaking my truth, my reality, and letting those things guide her. Joe has been a splendid teacher and I watch him yesterday give over his role to someone else. We did remarkably well for a first try and I only anticipate that it gets better as we go along and my trust in her grows.

We have figured out how to respect my boundaries without infringing on what's required to help me. I don't want her to see me naked and I don't want to be seen naked either. So far, I haven't felt diminished by the service she provides and I feel a relief that Joe gets a break in his day. I'm a wee bit needy.

I think the takeaways for me are 'voice,' and 'being heard,' and those two things leading to action. There is no point in speaking to someone who hears you but makes no change. I am fortunate to say, I'm good.

She's good.

And I'm grateful.

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Pat Carney said...

I'm glad, Dave. This is a change that requires wisdom and patience. I wish you continued both.