Sunday, January 17, 2021


 I am home.

I am not yet whole.

I need a little extra help to get me through the day. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes in the morning will do it. My first thought was to get in an occupational therapist to see if an adaption can be made such that I need no extra help. She came up with a few ideas but none were immediately applicable. During her visit, she took in everything and kept circling back to the extra hands that Joe needed for that brief few minutes in the morning. We spoke about a personal support worker but that sounded too intrusive to me and way more formal an arrangement than I'd like.

So I let her wander around with Joe in tow while I went on the computer and contacted my neighbours across the wall. I told them the situation that I was in, I told them what I needed and asked if they could help for a couple of weeks. In a few minutes, it was all arranged and I knew it would be okay.

I told her about the arrangement and her first response was 'are they nice' as if their agreement to help wasn't evidence enough. Then she yattered on about how she could never do that, she's too independent, that asking people in your life for help was almost unnatural. 

But even so, by the time she'd left I had a plan in place and people to rely on.

And I wonder how many needs could be handled this way, neighbours being neighbours, people helping people. It wasn't even part of her evaluation, it was the question not asked.

But for me, I have great neighbours and right now, that's all I need to get back on my feet again. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 


painting with fire said...

Glad you are home and on the mend with such good and loving support.

Roger said...

Ah the irony...I wonder if at any point she stopped to really examine what she does for a living- not what is written in the "Responsibilities and Duties" section of her employment contract - that's just legalese escape clauses for deciding if you deserve a raise or to be fired. But what is her JOB: as I see it, it is to help people figure out ways to help themselves...which of course implies they need help figuring that out presently...which of course means that's why she has a job! It's because people need to ask for help sometimes and that's why she's there. She will come to understand this one day I'm has a way of reminding us.
R. R. Ramsukh

CJ said...

It sounds like she shouldn’t be doing any evaluations for many reasons ... too many to be mentioned here. I’m happy you have a community, That's what we need that is often missing. Community.