Thursday, November 26, 2020

What Joe Said

 Today just a silly post.

Joe and I were talking, recently, about the ways in which people refer to disability. We are both plainspoken and we both prefer the word disability to any of the bafflegab that people come up with. Diversability and Special Needs are words that shame uses to cover up what they consider monstrous. Yeah, we are opinionated about this. Yeah, we get that a lot of people disagree. And, yeah, we think it's fine that disagreements exist. I'm okay with knowing I'm right and I'm comfortable with you thinking you are. Ta. Da.

Anyways, we make something for Christmas that we give out as gifts. Joe was showing me what he wanted to serve it in and I thought it way too big and would cost way too much. So Joe said, thinking hard, "I guess we'd better get something differently sized." He said it not even noticing it.

We had been in the kitchen and I was at the stove when the words hit, the giggles started. Soon, I'm hanging off the edge of the stove 'differently sized' you just said 'differently sized' and then I lost it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

When I came too, I felt so good. I looked at the clock and I'd been laughing for over 15 minutes. Well, I'd kind of stop and then start up again over that time. Joe laughed too, at first tenuously and then full-throated. 

I don't know what it was about that moment, but I think we are all living in stressful times and we need to find humour. And when we do we should allow ourselves just to go with it.

Here's hoping you have a differently sized day today.

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Rachel said...

Differently sized! This differently sized (in terms of stature) person LOVES IT!!!