Sunday, December 15, 2019

locked out

I like where I live.

I am lucky, really, really lucky. I have a fully accessible home, a rarity where I live. This means that I have everything I need to be comfortable and safe. And not just inside ... we also have neighbours that watch out for us and help out with things that we need help with, in the back yard and out front when it snows hard.

I am happy here.

Right now our Christmas tree is blazing, traditional carols and hymns are playing, and I've a heater beside me keeping me toasty warm. It's nice. It's lovely.

I am trapped here.

My wheelchair just can't handle the snow, not like we are getting this year. We got up this morning with plans, and this evening we were going to over to the community center for a senior's holiday dinner, but this morning, early, the snow began to fall. By the time we were ready to go out Joe would have to grab a shovel and start shoveling. I'm not having that happen.

So I'm writing this.

To all those who are in when they want to be out, to all those who depend on weather, others, or spoons, to those who know that captivity is captivity no matter who the kidnapper.

But I am lucky.

I like where I live. And I live there a LOT.


ABEhrhardt said...

When even able-bodied people have problems getting around, disabled people are really, really stuck.

It has been hard accepting that I am one of the people other people will have to look after in an emergency, even minor. But it's my reality.

I'm glad you're in a good place to be stuck - I remember your post of how happy you were to move into it.

Ettina said...

Reminds me of how I felt when there were forest fires in my province and the smoke was blowing down to where I lived, and my ability to go for a walk nosedived because the smoke was triggered my asthma.