Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Big Finish (Part 5)

We arrive at the venue to get ready for me to do my presentation. There was so much noise inside of me.Noise, Noise, NOISE. My usual nerves about doing a presentation, things I've never tamed, sat on the jeering section of the grandstands in my mind right along side of the 'you failed last time, you'll fall this time' who had dressed up for the occasion and joining them was the image of a 18 wheel truck bearing down on me. My hands were still trembling.

I watched the audience come in and choose seats, I watched as they settled in place, I watched as they looked over to the presentation table with expectation. My heart had moved to my throat and I could feel it pumping wildly. I looked at the clock, I started in 20 minutes. It was a long 20 minutes and the noise inside just got louder. I know the names to call myself, the ones that really hurt.

Then, suddenly, out of no where I was being introduced. I took a breath, opened my mouth and out of it came a story I'd never told before, it came fully formed, it was shiny with truth and it propelled me on my way. About 10 minutes later I was enjoying myself. By the end of the day, I felt victorious because, not only did I get through it all, the noise in the my head, the jeering had stopped.

We got in the car and I said to Joe, I have my career back. I can still do this. If I can fight off all those demons of negativity today, I can do it any day.

I presented again the next morning, to people with intellectual disabilities, the kindest audiences I have because they all seem to be wishing you well. They participated, laughed and even surprised themselves a time or two.

I was done and all that was left was the going home.

I'm home.

We lost a car on this trip, totaled.

But we lost nothing else.

And for that I'm truly grateful.


Deb said...

I am so glad you were able to end this horrible accident event with a positive outcome at your presentation. And that you and Joe only lost a car in this and not a life. It could have been so much worse.
I can relate to your statement, "I know the words to call myself. The ones that hurt the most". I struggle with this regularly but have never been able to state it as well as you did today.
Thank you both for continuing to help others even when you could use some help yourselves :)

ABEhrhardt said...

A true odyssey. The people who were there for your presentation were very lucky.

Penny Schwent said...

I don't usually post but I just want you to know how glad I am that you and Joe made it through this terrible experience. I've been reading your blog for years and missed catching up with you when the blog was silent lately. As a parent of a daughter with Angelman syndrome your stories and experiences both frighten and inspire me. I've learned so much and realize how much more I need to learn. Please know that even if I'm not posting, this blog is important to me. Please keep writing and sharing your knowledge with the world.