Friday, May 10, 2019

Words / Power / Healing

For about 12 years now, I've had a tiny little hole in my mind that led to a puncture in my heart and a crack in my soul. It's a wound that sometimes hurt. But only sometimes. There were days it was almost unbearable and days I didn't think about it at all. I had become resigned to the emptiness of those spaces in the trinity of my essence. Resigned. I didn't talk about it with anyone, except Joe, I didn't want people to know about the missing spaces of me, because then they'd know the cause, the blow that put that tiny hole in my mind.

Then, today, something happened.

Someone spoke to me. Someone I liked but didn't know well. And they said eleven words to me in context of talking about something I'd done. Just eleven words. I never thought I'd hear them. Those words traveled to that tiny hole in my mind and made their way to the puncture in my heart and the crack in my soul. In seconds the emptiness was gone.

Words are powerful things.

They are also shaped to fit into our lives and our consciousness in deeply intimate ways.

I imagine there are millions of people, like me, who had given up on waiting to hear the words they need to hear. To experience those words entering into their very selves and healing wounds left by callous or indifferent hands.

I'm a little bit changed.

Part of me, the part that would have me on edge for no particular reason, seems to have mellowed. I feel it already.

I'm completely changed.

My mind, my heart, my soul, feel differently, like they fit me a little bit better.

Those words.

Eleven of them.

Were magic.

I hope that any reading this who get what I'm saying, I'm sure it sounds like nonsense to some, I hope that you too will one day soon hear the words you need to hear.

And experience.



helencs said...

My heart is pounding after reading this. I've spent the last 3 weeks healing a hole i didn't really know was there with a friend who loves me more than i thought possible. Thank you Dave for saying it just right as always.

Karen said...

Oh, I do get it, sir! My mothers dying words were "you're a good girl Karn". Five words I'd waited fifty years to hear.

Belinda said...

Oh, my goodness, I want to know more, but I am so glad for those 11 words. Hooray.

Anonymous said...

I remember listening to something on CBC's Tapestry several years ago where a fellow talked about never knowing when you are walking on hallowed ground....when something that sounds so simple makes a profound difference for someone glad that happened to you

Anonymous said...

I recently had an experience where someone said something I needed but didnt fully know I needed to hear and thankfully when I heard them I was able to let them in and they were a salve on a long ago wound.....healing can happen in unexpectant ways.