Tuesday, May 22, 2018

And Then I Didn't

While Joe was getting his hair cut I was wandering around the store. He takes much longer than I do and I fill that time by browsing. I was rushing back to the hair cutting place when I had to come to a stop because there were two people who were blocking the pathway. The aisle had been narrowed by a display but there was plenty of room for them to just step a little to the side to let me pass.

They saw me but didn't move. I asked them, politely, if I could get by. They looked at me like I was shit on their shoes and carried on chatting indicating that this space belonged to them, not to me or those like me. They were those that the whole world was in the realm of 'mine not yours.'

I took the time to look at them, recognizing that books can't be judged by the character of the person carrying them, and saw two studiously 'cool' people. Great hair cuts, hers a deep burgundy and this tinged with a cobalt blue were star attractions but their clothes were funky in an expensive kind of way. Their who presentation screamed, "We're kooky and we're kool and we're the kids to know!"  They'd worked hard at their look.

Tick Tock

I needed to get by, there was no other accessible way to the barber's so I asked again if they could just make room for me to get by. Again they looked down on me, both literally and figuratively. Then, I spoke, having had enough time to think, "You know what cooler than you? Kindness. You dress well but you're just assholes in costume." And then I started to push and they were require to move.

They called me a name or two.

I said, over my shoulder, "Thanks for proving my point, bullies never really do grow up do they."

The bully comment hit, probably harder than I'd intended. They look mortified and angry and fled the scene of the 'mine.' I felt a twinge of guilt, and then suddenly, didn't any more. I tire of the burden of caring for the feelings of those who care nothing for mine.


clairesmum said...

I think they earned that direct response about bullies - because that is what they are - and the fancy hair/clothes show that they do not lack for material advantages in this world. 'Beauty is as beauty does."

Lauralee said...

Bet you they'll remember that. Well done

Unknown said...

Sometimes the truth hurts, but at times like this the truth needs to be said.

L said...

You were a lot more patient with them than I would have been.

The other day, there were a large group of people standing chatting blocking a kerb cut that I needed to cross the road, despite the fact that there was lots of empty pavement a metre away they could have been standing on instead.

When I asked them to move, they got rude, hostile, aggressive.

These people ARE bullies.

ABEhrhardt said...

You ask nicely - once.

The rest is on them, as they obviously hear you.

You can bet all their 'cool' is purchased with Daddy's money.