Friday, August 04, 2017

What's Wrong With This Picture

I went to the movies yesterday. We rushed in, headed to the washroom, and then took our seats. Something felt wrong about the whole experience. I couldn't place it but something was missing. I pushed that aside because we were at a movie, Wonder Woman, that we had wanted to see a long time. Now was the time and I wanted to enjoy it.

And I did.

(Except did the villain have to be a bitter woman with facial differences? Talk about a group of people stereotyped as scary and evil. Shit.)

Then afterwards we talked to a few people about the movie and left. Again, going through the theatre I felt odd. Something wasn't right. Something was missing.

Once home I realized that there were no people with disabilities working in the theatre. Not one in a visible role. In my local theatre several people with disabilities hold jobs, a proud young man with Down Syndrome does whatever they do when they come into a theatre and look at something on the wall and leaves. An equally proud woman who does several things, including ripping tickets and directing traffic. I am used to seeing a diverse work force in the theatre.

The theatre I went to clearly had a different hiring policy.

And the sad thing is that those that go to that theatre to watch movies won't know what's not there because it isn't there. People are used to work forces that aren't inclusive. Because of that they may never ask why people with disabilities aren't given the chance for jobs there. They can't protest when they accept prejudice and discrimination as the norm.

Missing and disappeared - that never happens by accident.


Adelaide Dupont said...


I saw Wonder Woman too at the end of June.

And I listened to the soundtrack yesterday.

Was very provoked by your words "Missing and disappeared never happen by accident".

Yes - there might be an intention or a choice which is buried or very obvious. It can be done by a government or by individuals.

L said...

I loved, loved, loved, LOVED the Wonder Woman movie,

but I agree with you about Dr Poison - and so do a lot of other people.

"As a woman with a facial disfigurement, this Wonder Woman villain pisses me off"

"How Disfigured Villains Like "Wonder Woman's" Dr. Poison Perpetuate Stigma.
Being disfigured is often associated with being evil."

Ron Arnold said...

Hey Dave! If that was the Movies at Meadville - my son works there! He has numerous physical disabilities and works as an usher. Not in a wheelchair but has a prosthetic leg and a foreshortened right arm. (I missed your visit by the way. I'm sad about that. I'd wanted to come see you speak but my schedule in the office was tight.)