Friday, June 16, 2017


We've moved.

Joe has spent the day with the movers. I've spent the day at the office. I'd get in the way, not because I have a disability but because I get stressed in these situations and that can make me difficult to be around. Joe wasn't at all disappointed that I decided to come to work.

He's on his way down to pick me up.

It's taken much longer than they anticipated or gave us an estimate for. I can feel the dollars falling out of our wallets. We'll face that bill when we get it.

All day I've been calling to check in. Because distance and distraction isn't enough of a barrier to stop me from being an annoyance to the process.

So I'll get to a place with movers still piling in stuff.

Boxes will be strewn everywhere.

But, I'll roll in to my new home.

It was weird leaving our old place. I was terrified that I might fall in the bathroom just one last time and relieved that I didn't.

I rolled down the hallway realizing that the past was now behind me and the future now before me.

Our life in a new place began, for me, the first time I realized today that I was going to be going north, not south, to get home.

Different roads.

I will sleep with my head to the south instead of my head to the west. I wonder if that will matter.

Accessibility waits for me.

I'm excited but I'm scared, we were so happy where we were.

This is why moving is so unsettling, I know how the past worked out, I don't know the future will.

I was told today that this is the stuff that keeps you young.

I'd prefer potion in a jar.


ABEhrhardt said...

You moved because it will be better. It WILL be better not to be afraid of your own bathroom.

Of course, now you will have to help cook more.

The rest will fall into place.

Happy new home to you two!

Unknown said...

Moving house is a period of increasing chaos (unsettledness) that gradually resolves into order (usual patterns). The mind and body do have to adjust to new sounds, sights, automatic motions - navigatingWC in new place, where your hand will reach out to touch a light switch, where items were stowed, etc....
it does that takes some mental energy, a kind of learning that is easier for some people than others, and gets harder with age (I think(
try to think of it as a treasure hunt for the missing item in your own home...helped me keep calmer when I couldn't find the essential box, folder, or kitchen tool
Once the routines are sorted in your brain, it does get much easier as you have more mental energy for living your life. .
Take care, Dave and Joe.

Shannon said...

Moving is always so difficult! Just did it myself last week, still boxes everywhere and I can't take a shower yet because this tub seems to have higher than normal walls and my shower chair does not fit.

Shannon said...

Moving is always so difficult. Just did it myself and boxes are still everywhere, and my shower bench does not fit in the tub, which seems to have higher than standard walls.

Flemisa said...

Now the real fun begins when you spend time questioning where things are and "why did we bring this" and where should things go. Hope you can enjoy it and the promise of what the new house can provide.
(And if you do find that potion -- please save some for me.)

Anonymous said...

May this be the home you have waited for. May this home bless both of you with welcome, safety, warmth and satisfaction.

Rosemary said...

I am so happy you are in a truly- accessible home. We are slowly modifying our many-staired home. The chair lifts are in, but I long to be able to access our deck and perrhaps, the garden I lovingly cared for in the past. Someday...