Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Little Thing

Yesterday I set out to break my distance pushing record of 1.3 kilometres. I hoped to double that record but wasn't sure that I'd be able to. This comprises two laps of a very large mall. I set out pushing myself a little harder than I should have as I burned up a lot of energy quickly. I made good time and good distance before I had to first stop and take a brief rest.

When I crossed the start line of the first lap and entered my second lap I was already giving myself permission to stop. My rationale was that I had come to beat my record and that had been achieved. That dialogue carried me quite a long distance and then suddenly, finishing was actually possible. I was pushing quickly, with renewed energy towards my goal. I was sweating, I was clearly working hard.

I passed several other people, going the other way, that were also lapping the mall. All were on foot and all were equally purposeful with their strides. There were those that passed me several times going my way too, so I wasn't alone in using the mall as a place to get in a bit of a 'run'.

Seeing the finish line was a real emotional thrill and I was determined to get there so that I'd be in under an hour. Then a fellow coming the other way, who I had encountered a few times as he made his way around much more quickly than me, caught my eye. I looked up and he gave me a quick thumbs up, a kind of, 'good going' moment of encouragement.

I can't tell you what that meant to me. It was a moment of inclusion, not as a disabled person, but as a fellow 'lapper,' a fellow 'runner' and it really mattered to me.

It was such a little thing.

Funny how those matter so much.


Unknown said...

For one Dave, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I've never been into the whole blogging thing and didn't really know what they were about until a week ago. For an assignment in my DSW course we had to follow a disability based blog for 14 days and yours was one my teacher gave as example. It was hard to find one that posted everyday, so thank you for that! I can honestly say I will from here on out follow your blog because there is just so much passion. I like that you write about your daily encounters, and you always see from all perspectives. This blog (Little Thing) made me smile. I feel everyone in one way or another has at sometime struggled with feeling included, and when you are its the best feeling. Your blog on Jan.30/17 called "Just say it" really made me think. My aunt was born with Spina Bifida and is always in a wheelchair, and I and I don't think her even thinks about if the washrooms are accessible. Mind you she always just goes to her same old restaurants so she knows. Thank you for sharing you stories along with your thoughts and feelings!

Unknown said...

And it is the little things that can make all the difference!