Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Little Bit of Bragging

So I'm going to brag a bit.

Let me start by saying that, as I've been exercising and talking exercise with people, I've discovered that many people I know use visualization as part of their routine, as do I. However I don't visualize myself in new smaller clothes or with big shapely arms, although those are just fine visualizations, they aren't mine at all.

I've been working out to get stronger and I visualize challenges that are upcoming. So, the Vancouver airport has a massive ramp. Just massive. I've been able to push myself, independently, only a short way up the ramp. It's too long, too steep and therefore really intimidating.

It's not sexy but for weeks I've been visualizing that ramp. I never visualized myself going up the ramp, just the ramp itself. I lifted weights, grunted at the strain and nearly sweat blood all while just picturing that ramp in my head.

So the trip began. It started with me pushing the whole way from my apartment to the airport gate, with only a bus ride in between. I've done that before, though, so it wasn't any measure of the extra work I'd been doing to conquer that damn ramp.

We flew in a huge plane. It held nearly 500 people. We've never flown to Vancouver in a plane like this one so we weren't surprised we didn't recognize the part of the airport where the gate was located. I waited, at every turn, to see the ramp. We came out and realized that we were already at the top of the ramp.

Shit, it was like gearing up for a duel and your foe not showing up.

But ... I had to push myself up a carpeted ramp. I had to push for a very long way on carpeted flooring. I had to push myself up the out ramp towards the rental car location. I had to push myself up to where the car was located.

All done without breaking a sweat.

So, the duel will one day be fought, but there were minor skirmishes today, and I took them all.

It's a big deal for me to take back control of my mobility in the chair.

It's a big deal for me to feel my own power.

It's a big deal to feel strong again.

OK, end of bragging.


Purpletta said...

Congratulations, Dave! It's a big deal to achieve all you have physically accomplished through your hard work and determination! But it's an equally big deal (or moreso even, from my own personal perspective) that you have the self-assurance to brag a bit. Giving yourself credit for your accomplishments shows bravery. I give you so much credit, Dave!

I love so much of the language in your post too: "take back control," "feel my own power," "feel strong again"... Awesome! So many of the things you help so many people to have the skills to do across so many aspects of life!

Congratulations Dave on your accomplishments & on your having the courage to see them as that!


Elizabeth said...

Good for you! I think that's the best part of exercising, feeling yourself become more capable. I'm so glad you're seeing concrete results from your toil!

Susan said...

Not bad for an old guy. :) (Serious understatement. Way to go! Now to get on with my own journey - inspired, of course, by you and your ramp. I have no doubt you'll mount that thing. Just keep swimming!)

ABEhrhardt said...

Brag away. You earned it.

You rarely stay neutral every day without effort. You get a little bit worse if you do nothing, a little bit better if you make an effort.

It's amazing what you can achieve with day after day of tiny effort.

Definitely worth it IF you're seeing any progress. It is very hard to keep going if the progress isn't happening. I've given up several exercises because lots and lots of effort got me nothing.

I should try visualizing.

Unknown said...

It's ok to be proud of your own accomplishments, though I know it can feel odd to do so...and your accomplishment is impressive. I'm trying to imagine myself being able to say something so positive about my own body/physical being/strength.....maybe your story can be a seed for my growing....the idea of being thin or 'pretty' or of receiving compliments is more scary than appealing to me, and the idea of healthier just evokes guilt that I should have been exercising for the past 5 decades...
thank you, Dave.

Namaste said...

Congratulations! And had I known you were in town, I would have come to see you. Going to go search for your event, now!

Gabrielle said...

Well done Dave! Your post cheered me up this morning.

wheeliecrone said...

As we say here in Australia, "Onya, Dave!"