Monday, September 12, 2016

7 1/2

People are funny.

Right now the Toronto International Film Festival is underway and we are inundated with reports of stars and directors and writers visiting the city and walking (exclusively by the way) the red carpet. Joe and I are immune to this. We see lineup and people rushing around to screening but other than once seeing Matt Damon run across Bay Street a couple years ago, we've never sought out or seen anyone famous. However, there are those who hunt celebrities with autograph books in hand and selfie sticks at the ready. We aren't part of that crowd. I get it, it's fun, but we've other obsessions in our life.

So, we were leaving the grocery store yesterday afternoon and, just as we came through the doors, there was a woman who spotted me and called out, "Dave Hingsburger!" I turned to see who was calling me and I saw a woman I didn't recognize. She rushed over and told me that she'd seen me lecture, read my books, watched Open Future Learning videos and followed this blog. We had a nice but brief chat. Then she asked me to sign an autograph, she got out a pen and piece of paper and I signed it.

This all took only a couple of minutes and at the sound of a name being called and an autograph being signed, the others around decided that I must be some kind of celebrity and a whole whack of telephones came out and pictures taken and several autographs were signed. No one asked who I was, either they didn't want to admit to not knowing, or it didn't matter, they'd seen me sign an autograph so an autograph must be something they want and need too.

So, I had my 7 1/2 minutes of fame, I believe I'm due another 7 1/2 at some point in my life. I admit it was fun and I wonder how many people are, right now, trying to figure out two things: who I am and how a fat guy in a wheelchair can be famous at all.


Frank_V said...

Fame is fickle, but on you, it looks FABULOUS!

Unknown said...

You underestimate the impact you have and will alway have on the people you share your life with. Enjoy the fame you have earned it.

Unknown said...

The universe has a weird sense of humor, doesn't it? You've had another experience of being the focus of the attention of strangers..but in a different way....and yes, you ARE due another 7.5 minutes!

ABEhrhardt said...

Lucky woman - she got to meet you and get a picture taken with you.

You do realize you're made a crater's worth of impact on many lives, don't you? Even if you think you're only enabling them to do what is their right.

Enjoy your fame. Smile nicely for the camera. And think of something to write on the occasions someone wants an autograph. It's devilishly hard to come up with anything coherent on the fly.

Mel said...

As many have mentioned already, but it can't be oversaid, your work makes a huge impact on people's lives. If I saw you on the street, I'd fangirl a bit too.

szera said...

Luv it... and you absolutely deserve to know how much we appreciate you and more!! Who knows how many more lives will be touched and enriched due to
your serendipitous fame! 💚

Belinda said...

That must have been so much fun. And no mistake about it--you ARE a celebrated person, which makes you a celebrity, I think! :)

Unknown said...

Your post made me smile! Please share when you get your next 7.5 minutes of fame! Cheers!