Friday, April 29, 2016

It's time!

Image description: Three suitcases wait while yelling happens above them.
We go back on the road today, a trip that will take us eventually to the Maritimes, and we're busy getting ready. Things are packed. We haven't ticked 'yelling at each other' off the list of final preparations yet but I'm sure we'll manage to get it done at some point. The stress of both making sure we are fully prepared with all we need combined with the worry about accessibility and, of course, the ability to pee when needed during our journey.

I've reacted to this 'leaving' differently than I have in the past. I always like going out for a bit after work in my power chair just to get some air and to wind down from the work day. It's also nice, after being in my manual chair, to have real, actual, freedom of movement. But, this time, I've chosen for the last three days (3) days to stay in. Once was because we contacted friends about going out for tea and they weren't able to make it, so seconds later, I was in my housecoat.

Maybe it's that I've burrowed in the the accessibility and predictability of my home. Here I don't have all the worries that I have about all the other environments that I will call home for a night or two. Maybe I just wanted to really enjoy things I can't typically do at a hotel, like sit in a tall chair, the low chesterfields are not made for me, or be in a bathroom with the grips set exactly right, or have the right amount of space for my wheelchair to turn when I'm at my desk. Those little things which make home home and which make my disability feel as at home as I do.

But, we've got challenges ahead of us, I'm doing, count them 4 new talks on this trip. Two for self advocates and two for staff. I've been hunkered down writing them, and now we'll see how that went. I felt it was time to challenge my brain and, let me tell you, it has been challenged. But that's all done now.

Today we leave.

We're packed.

All that's left is the yelling.


Frank_V said...

I always stress about traveling too, for similar reasons. And also, most hotel beds, those soft ones that have a sinkhole right in the middle, really hurt my knees. Not fun: Awake all night, AND, in extreme pain. May you have a safe AND comfortable trip!

ABEhrhardt said...

Maybe you could try yelling "I love you and I'm so glad you're traveling with me!" several times in between other yellings?

Just to lighten it up, and remind yourselves?

Happy travel - and enjoy giving your new talks! Stressful, yes, but you know how useful it will be to your intended audience.

szera said...

Ducks in a row
"t"s crossed
"i"s dotted
Homework and prep complete!
You consistently "knock it out of the park" with your work!
Success and grace through travel are yours!
You and Joe have a blessed, gentle and accommodating trip!
The comforts of home await your return. <3

Unknown said...

Hoping for safe travels and successful teaching.
The 'big fight before leaving on a trip" has been a fairly predictable event in our house for a couple of decades, too.
The tension of transitions, I guess. Clairesmum