Thursday, March 17, 2016


Image description: A group of three strawberries nestled together with their leaves
Bleary eyed and sweaty I stumble from the bed. It's dark, so dark that even the familiar pathways in my apartment seem treacherous. In the dimmest light possible. I test. I'm low. Too low. That explains the feeling of weakness in my legs, the clamminess of my skin, the dull confusion with which wander from place to place.

A brief flash of light.

I see them.

I feel in the drawer for what I need.

Sitting at my desk, in near total darkness, I take my first bite. Sharp. Cold. Sweet. Fresh strawberries brought for my lunch bucket robbed from the fridge to serve the purpose. To give pleasure, a sensuous start to the day, a sweet end to the dull confusion. I sit quietly and eat.

The computer, itself sleeping beside me, seems peaceful. I don't want to press a key and light up the screen. I don't want to type a password and then find out what's happening in the world ... anywhere.

Because here is dark. And cold. And sweet. And strawberry.

I don't like pounding back a juice when I've got low blood sugar. I figure if you are going to have diabetes, have strawberries!

It's early but I decide to do my exercises. I'm early enough to get the whole set in, they run about an hour and fifteen. I normally fit 50 minutes in in the morning. The bowl of strawberries is set aside, and I begin.

Still tasting strawberry.


kstableford said...

Lovely, Dave. I can taste the strawberries!

Liz said...

What a beautiful post! I love reading about your kindness to yourself.