Thursday, December 24, 2015

Doing Christmas

Photo Description:A night scape with a star beside the words 'TheGift of Presence' written in the sky.
The elevator door opened and the drama began. I was next and even though there were many waiting, no one rushed the door. I approached and saw that the elevator didn't have room for my scooter as there were still several people on board. I stopped and, backing up, said to a woman, who was next in line, that she could go ahead.

She was elderly and unsure on her feet. Her walker provided her a stability that she would not have otherwise. She slowly moved towards the door, Joe held it so it wouldn't close on her. As she slowly stepped into the elevator a man had had enough. He burst by her, knocking her on her shoulder, if her grip had not already been strong on her walker she would have gone flying.

Storming out by the crowd, waiting to use the elevator, he snarled, to no one and to everyone, "I simply don't have time for this!"

I think we were all supposed to commiserate with him. I think he thought that we, all of us waiting, would identify with him, the inconvenienced rather than her, the inconvenience. I think he was sure of that.

But that didn't happen.

Those on the elevator were very concered about the woman, in the walker, crying. Crying, not because she  had been nearly knocked over. Crying, not because she had been hurt, Crying, because she had been 'in the way,' a 'bother.' Kind words assured her that she had been no bother at all. The door closed on her upset and their kind words.

The woman next to me, looked at me, and said, "You know the really ironic thing about all this?" I shook my head, "He was carrying a Christmas gift. A Christmas gift! What does he think Christmas means?"

I managed to get on the next elevator, but not without help. I thanked people for their patience, they all nodded and smiled. It seemed that they were intent on doing Christmas rather than just buying it.


Belinda said...

Aaargh! This makes me sad--but glad that she was surrounded by kindness as the doors closed.

ABEhrhardt said...

Oh, poor, poor able man. His little world has annoyances just for him.

The masses of disabled people are just lying in wait to make his day harder.

Thank God there were other people there.

I pray for his soul - he needs it.


Blessed Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for your almost daily gift of Wisdom.

clairesmum said...

Ahhh..we humans can be such foolish and short-sighted beings at times...I am glad that most of the humans in this moment were wise and generous.....
blessings to you and Joe for a wonderful Christmas season.