Saturday, August 29, 2015

Howdy Sailor

We were visiting the Grace and Speed Muskoka Boat Museum with the kids and wandering around looking at the exhibits. They have a newly installed 'kids zone' where the girls had had a wonderful time on a flight simulator for a small plane, working on a water table the demonstrated how locks work, and putting on a puppet show where the plot was thin until the tiger attacked the cow and ... well ... there was blood.

We came upon an 'officer' welcoming people aboard a replica of a steamship. He was a friendly looking sort:

Photo description: Joe with his arm around a life sized cut out of a sea faring captain.
I immediately thought of a fun picture to take and I got Joe over to the cut out and had him put his arm around the captain's shoulders. He did. Then looking to see that no one was around, I asked him to give the fellow a kiss on the cheek. Just as he was about to do this another couple came into the area, Ruby and Sadie were inside the replica watching a short film. I quickly said to Joe, "Wait, wait," and indicated that others were around.

Joe looked at me, quizzically, and said, "Who cares?"

He was right. I still have what I call 'closet hangover' where I worry too much about how others may respond to our relationship. We were there having fun. The place is designed to have fun. I'm sure the cardboard fellow has been kissed any number of times.

But never so well.

Photo Description: Joe kissing cardboard cut out of a sailor man.


Anonymous said...

Yeah to being able to have fun and show you are a human being with all kinds of feelings!


ABEhrhardt said...

I dunno, Dave. Joe has YOU - and he's going around kissing other guys?

And you two newlyweds!

Have fun - both are a very sweet picture of your guy.


Jesse the K said...

Lovely pic, so glad the closet hangover is susceptible to Joe's blandishments, and methinks that sailor looks a lot like Paul Gross.