Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fred and Me

Photo Description: Fred Flintstone holding a steaming foot after he'd used as brakes for his car.
It was colder than we expected it to be. The skies threatened rain. But we were undeterred, we headed off to  Santa's Village for our annual pilgrimage. We've been going since the Ruby was a toddler and Sadie a babe in arms. We got there and found that there were fewer people than in previous years, kept away by the cold I imagine, and we and the other families there had the run of the place. We started with the girls taking 16 rides on the roller coaster in a row. They'd get off, get in the short line up, and go again and again. It's wonderful seeing kids so happy.

I love going there for a couple of reasons. First, and most importantly, it's an amazing place to take kids. The admission pays for the rides so there's no fuss, no line ups to buy tickets, no hassle with keeping track of or counting out payment once inside. Second, it's a lovely place for adults. It's like taking a stroll through a beautiful park while the kids burn up energy darting from place to place.

We crossed over to Elves Island and found that they'd installed a new climbing devise and Ruby and Sadie were braving it. We watched as they traversed various challenges ten feet up in the air. They were completely absorbed. And that's when the rain finally began to fall. This was our last stop in the park anyway so we were about to head back to the van. We spoke to Mike and said that we'd head back and get in the van, as it takes time, and he could follow with the girls once they'd done their adventure.

At the gift store there is a longish ramp down to the walkway out. I've done this every year, no problem. But this year, I didn't take into the equation that the ramp might be slippery. I headed down as I usually did, and about half way down, I lost control of the chair, it tipped forward off it's back wheels, and I began to slide. Panic took over and I shot my leg out, being tipped over I could easily reach the ground with my foot. I Fred Flinstoned the chair using my foot as a break. Now, I don't wear shoes, only socks, so I could feel every bump on the ramp, Pain shot through my body but I kept my foot there until it had slowed the slide and my chair fell back into proper position.

When I was at a stop, Joe rushed up to me, having watched all this, which took only seconds to happen. I told him my foot was screaming with pain. The friction between my sock and the ramp must have been hot because steam was rising like from a bonfire from my foot. My sock had been worn through and my toes were peeking out trying to figure out what just happened.

Once back in the van and transferred into my manual chair, which I use for riding in, Joe took a good look and I manage to loose a sock but sustain no injury to my foot. Just then the family arrived back at the van and it filled with stories of the day. I listened, glad to hear the chatter and the laughter and the excitement of discussing what comes next.

Me, I was just pleased to be reminded that in an emergency, even with panic, I still can rely on my wits and my body to help me through. My feet may not walk much, but I can put the brakes on when necessary.


Anonymous said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flintstone, we are relieved your body and wits prevented unnecessary injury to you.

But can you spot the residual problem you created for yourself.....?

ABEhrhardt said...

I broke my wrist as a kid going down a ramp at school, on stilts, a ramp I had navigated many a time before.

This time it was wet.

Be careful - there's stuff out there waiting to get you. If it can't get you when it's dry out, it'll throw in a couple more hazards.

The rule: you can never relax your vigilance!

Hope your toes are okay - that did NOT sound like fun, even though I'm glad you stopped yourself (thus increasing your self-confidence).

It could have gone a different way.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flintstone, What did you confirm?

Your doing damned the darkness.

Anonymous said...

I know you changed your comments policy and am glad you did. somehow there still seems to be some comments creeping through that while not as bad as previously are still quite creepy, they feel vaguely threatening and stalkerish. I have no doubt you are well able to take care of yourself but this is not ok. Just putting it out there that I read these today and had a very icky feeling. Please take care.

Liz Miller said...

Hooray for you built in emergency brakes!!