Monday, May 04, 2015

In Lieu of ...

I feel a little uncomfortable doing this but I've been prompted by a number questions and emails. Joe and I, as many know, are getting married on the 6th of June. A number of facebook friends and blog readers have said they'd like to send a gift or a card or do something. We don't need another toaster - we've had 46 years of toasters - so we're good for stuff. But if you want to do something we are asking people to make a donation to one of two charities. Here's the information: In Lieu of Gifts we ask for donations  to be made to

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (which was one of the leading forces in Canada in the fight for the right for gay marriage)

After you click here then go to ‘celebration’ and type in “Dave and Joe’s Wedding”

 or to

Vita Community Living Services (to forward the cause of self advocacy)

After you click here fill in the comment section “Dave and Joe’s Wedding”

Please do not see this as anything other than a response to those who have asked.

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Moose said...

Dave - Vita's SSL connection is not active. It's not safe for people to enter credit card information on a website that doesn't use SSL -- the information is transmitted in the clear and can be captured by anyone with the knowledge - and it's pretty simple to do, too. I could teach you in a few minutes.

Please encourage them to fix this. If there's anything I can do to help that, please let me know.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I will let them know. Thanks Moose.