Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Worries In A Row

Photo Description: Air Canada plane flying west over water.
The alarm went off early.

We got up and showered. No laying about.

The bus comes, now, in a half an hour.

Joe is getting the luggage organized and I'm getting my worries set up, all in a row. Oddly it makes travelling in a wheelchair easier if I do it that way. It's easier to deal with them, one at a time, in chronological order, than it is having them all bunched up in my mind.

It isn't the wheelchair, of course.

It's all the rest that goes with it.

I know a couple people with disabilities who just don't travel any more. Not by bus, or by train or by plane. They just find that the work that goes into travel, the sheer number of people you have to deal with and depend upon added to the worry about the chair being damaged is just too much.

A couple years ago, I was getting to that point.

But now that I've got the worries all in a row. It's somehow more doable. For me. Each one of those individual worries, I've dealt with before. Right from getting on the bus to getting on the plane. Air Canada and I have spoken and they know what I need and I know what they need.

As someone who has to deal with anxiety, and the issues that come with it, for most of my life, I've had to develop my own coping mechanisms. This is one that works for me.

The other thing that helps, really helps, after getting the worries all lined up, is to think about the other end. I'm going to have the privilege of giving a keynote speech or two and I get to moderate an exciting session. I'm going to be able to listen and learn as well as having the opportunity to share a bit of how I see the world of service delivery.


It's near time to go down stairs.

All the in house worries have been dealt with.

Tick, tick, tick, ... several worries off the list already.

Damn, that's a good start.


Colleen said...

Safe travels!

Princeton Posse said...

Bon voyage, have a nice trip. Hope the wind is at your back!