Sunday, January 04, 2015

How Ya Doing?

"The place looks great," I said as I took the tickets from the young man working the till. I was referring to the refurbishment of my local movie theatre. They've been working on it for quite a while and even though I've been there over the course of the renovations, I was taken quite aback at the 'big reveal'. It looks and feels like a completely different place.

The ticket guy joined me in looking round the lobby and said, "I agree, it looks great. But better than that, you must finally feel welcomed."

I noticed a couple come up behind me to buy tickets so I said "Thanks" and motored forwards.

I must admit here that I had no idea what he was talking about. I've always felt welcomed there. I thought maybe he was talking about how the lobby was much more spacious than it was before and there was a lot of room to move.


I was wrong.

As we got our popcorn and headed to get our seats, we were surprised to find that they had installed door openers on each individual auditorium. I was now able to get in and out without someone holding the door for me.

Yeah, welcoming.

When we got inside we noticed that all the seats had been changed and on the seat beside where I park my chair was a bright, white, notification sewn into the back. It had the wheelchair sign and the words 'companion seating.' It was unmistakable. Clear as day.

Being men of a particular age we headed to the toilet after the show and, again, door openers. Where the door used to be held constantly open by a garbage can placed against it, a garbage can that had to be manoeuvred around, now there was a door opener and extra space.

We sailed out of the theatre and into the mall through double doors that both opened at the push of a button.



If you didn't know that a building could say, 'Hey, nice to see you, welcome!'

It can.


Susan said...

A great big "LIKE"!

Colleen said...

That is great! It is as it should be.

clairesmum said... there an accessibility/access advocacy group that gives awards....some publicity and a plaque in the lobby to show appreciation of their efforts AND their success in creating a 'welcoming' building (not just a workable one) might be a push in the right direction for other businesses and help patrons think about the differences in this building.
Glad you have a place you can go that is welcoming, not just accommodating!