Friday, July 04, 2014

Double Double

They are usually young men.

Late teens, early twenties, maybe.

Most often they have tattoos and swagger.

They are the double slappers.

I love these guys.

They work in one of two ways.

If I am approaching a door with an automatic opener, and they are ahead of me, when they notice me they hit the button to open the door. That, that's not uncommon. But what they do that's just a bit extra is that once they are through the door they slap the button a second time. Double slapping. This means that the door stays open a wee bit longer, often long enough for me to get to and through the door.

If I am following them through an open door, that was open because it was activated by someone earlier, they give another slap on the door when going in, a second slap that will ensure the door stays open longer. It makes entry so incredibly easy and stress free.

These guys never wave, or wait for thanks, it's just a hit on the button, without breaking stride, and they are off. It's like this little, tiny, act of kindness that speaks volumes about awareness. They must know that they are giving me extra time, a wee bit of a hand. It feels like a friendly punch on the shoulder, a warm slap on the back, an act of help and encouragement that doesn't draw attention to itself.

I like it.

I like them.

The double slappers.


Anonymous said...

I recently went to a graduation where the principal said the main characteristic of the graduating class was there kindness. I hope they are a class of double slappers!
Jamie Lynn

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Slapx2

B. said...

I have wondered about that extra button hit/slap - if pushing it again when the door is open helps it stay open longer. Natural thoughtfulness... a kind of natural acceptance. Thanks, Dave.

Rickismom said...