Sunday, November 24, 2013

Putting the Mo into Vember

Movember is coming to a close in a few days and I thought I'd update you with a photograph and issue a challenge. I mentioned when I joined in on this little adventure that those who had read the article on my right testicle which was published in Contemporary Sexuality published by AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists) would understand why I joined the Movember Movement. Several people have asked to read the article. Well, here's the deal. I contacted the lovely people at Contemporary Sexuality and even though I've agreed not to republish for a year, they've said for the 'cause' they would give me permission to reprint it here on the blog. In it I tell the story both of my right testicle and the day I became disabled. If ten people indicate that they will contribute, even a small amount to Momember, I'll publish it here on the blog, something I thought I'd never do ... anyways here are some places to donate - my name isn't listed anywhere, I'm just doing this on my own. Just donate to the general fund.

Movember Canada

Movember UK

Movember Ireland

Movember US

Movember Australia

Movember Germany

 So are you ready to see the MO??

Here it is:

It grew in all WHITE!! Who knew?? So it's not a stark change but it is, at least in the right light, noticeable!!


Anonymous said...

Donation made. US Movember. Couldn't find your name, so I did it to the general fund.

Very brave of you - but not necessary unless you want to. Thanks for the continuing education.


Dave Hingsburger said...

That's just exactly what people need to do, I'm not listed. I've changed to blog to be clearer. Thanks for the donation!

Deb said...

Donation made to Canada's General Fund. Thanks for all you do Dave. Thinking of Jack Layton now too.

AkMom said...

Done. US Movember. Great cause!

Anonymous said...

Love the Mo. I'll try make a donation.

Culinary Concoctions said...

Of course we'll donate. Is it ok if I just do it locally? I'd like to hear your story, but only if you want to tell it here. I really love your blog and read it every single day. I'm finding it constantly challenges my beliefs and helps me think about my thoughts and actions.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Culinary Conncoctions! Of course you can make the donation locally,

clairesmum said...

donation made to Movember US general fund...thanks for the gentle push...but you choose when and where to share your if this doesn't feel right, YOU have the right to change your mind! (I know you know this already....but I need to say it anyway.)

Nicole said...

Dave, I saw that you posted this pic on FB too and just finally got to read the blog post. I thought that this pic was of Joe and not you. LOL. I thought, Joe already has a mustache whats the big deal. Then there it is, your mustache. :) Very nice.