Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shepherds and Naked Sheep

When you think about answer to prayer, you probably think of something more than slippers. Not me! I have been desperately in need of slippers for well over a year. Since I don't walk either often or well, my feet have swollen a bit and I have a devil of a time getting things that fit. I remembered these slippers from our days at Saint Paul's United Church in Magog Quebec where the women of the church made these by the bucket load. I swear the naked sheep all about and around had been denuded by clacking needles making slippers.

I'd tried describing them to some folks and no one seemed to know what the heck I was talking about. I began to despair of ever having warm feet again. My pleas uttered heavenward went unanswered.

Until I was giving a lecture at the retreat for K W Hab. One of the women there, I hope she doesn't mind me naming her, JoAnne, had made all the staff who stayed overnight ... and me ... a pair of slippers. I was overtaken by joy. I think I might have frightened the poor woman.

Not only did she give me a pair, she gave me a bunch of pairs, I am going to have warm toes for the entire winter.

It's funny the things you want and the things you treasure. Wants and needs and desires change over the years. I couldn't have been happier with any other gift I could have imagined.


I have slippers.

I'd begun to think that my disability, my too swollen feet, had condemned me to a life time of frosty feet.

No so.

My prayers were answered ... SLIPPERS!!!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely plagued by cold toes, and can vouch for the fact that the importance of a good pair of slippers cannot be overstated. Which reminds me, Dave, that I recently saw a picture of a pair of knitted slippers that were in the shape of a great white shark, so that it looked like the shark was swallowing your feet. I immediately sent the photo to one of my knitting friends and begged shamelessly for a pair. Too funny!

joanne said...

Nice're right....that is a relic slipper (pattern) you are now of the first things I learned to knit....and will any luck, they will be made of Phentix (not sure if they make that anymore) but if so, they will last forever! :)

Tamara said...

That's an awesome gift! Maybe you should get yourself some knitting needles and some yarn! I heard that there are tons of videos on YouTube to teach you to knit.

You made me remember some slippers my dad brought us back from Italy on his first visit. I think his aunt had made them. They were knitted uppers, but had thick felt soles. They were wonderful ... warm and cool to slide around the house on!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kind heart = warm toes

The slippers are super cute, JoAnne--what a lovely gift!


Belinda said...

One of my greatest triumphs was finding perfect slippers for Mum, who suffered with poor circulation in her legs and feet, which were always stone cold, but could not be in anything constricting. I found lovely slippers into which her feet could slip comfortably, and which wrapped themselves around her swollen feet and fastened gently but snugly with velcro. My brother Rob still laughs as he remembers pursing his lips, shaking his head doubtfully, and saying, "Oh no Belinda those won't work," because she wore those bright royal blue slippers until the day she died, and in fact they were on her feet when she was dressed for our last visitation with her. Slippers that fit like a glove are a gift! :)

Anonymous said...

The fact how you're so excited about getting a good pair of slippers this means you don't take the little things in life for granted.

K. Wilson said...

It's great to see someone get as excited as I do about the little gifts that fit so perfectly into what we need sometimes. I had never owned a pair of slippers until last Christmas and I'm amazed I've gotten by for so long with cold feet. Now if I can just get my dog to stop chewing on them... Thanks for this post Dave.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this blog post! It’s great that you don’t take little things in life for granted, that’s a quality that not a lot of people have. I like how something such as slippers can make you so happy and greateful. That’s how I try to be in life, cherish everything in life especially the little things!