Monday, August 05, 2013

Simcoe, Thanks For The Day, Dude

Five reasons.



Is sweet.

Today is Simcoe Day, a holiday, and I slept in until 7:30. I never much sleep past 4:00. In fact sleeping to 4:00 IS sleeping in. But I woke up, after only one pee in the night, and found the light on Joe's side of the bed on, Joe reading and a clock that announced I'd had a good sleep.

Yesterday we had lunch with Mike and Marissa and all the kids, Joseph, Ruby and Sadie. We met Joseph's girlfriend for the first time. Can this be the same little boy we met when he was five? We ate, we talked we laughed. It was nice to be a place that was completely accessible so that at no point did we have to interrupt the gathering to negotiate a barrier.

After we got home we decided we'd go out for a cuppa tea on a street patio near us. At the next table were two young men. About the age we were when we first moved to the city. After they finished their tea, they got up, stopped to chat before parting. Then, naturally and without fear, they kissed to say goodbye. Violence did not erupt. The fury of God did not descend. No one much noticed.

Joe and I made dinner together in the kitchen. We harvested from the balcony garden and went to work making a huge tray of vegetarian chili nachos. I did my part. Joe did his part and we chatted all the while. It's part of the routine that comes 44 years in.

Today, the holiday stretches out in front of us. We don't know what we're going to be doing AND we have nothing to do. We seldom get real pauses like this. I'd had stuff to deal with yesterday, stuff that looked like it was going to splash over onto today - but it didn't, and now I know, it won't. So, hours and hours to fill and NO PLANS!

Life is sweet.

I don't really know who Simcoe was.

But, I've decided, I like him.


Susan said...

John Graves Simcoe - the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, which later became the province of Ontario. An interesting little bit of trivia and perhaps an opportunity to conjecture what kind of insight this might be into the man he was: Tiny, Tay and Flos Townships, in the Georgian Bay area, are named after his wife's three little dogs!

Happy Simcoe Day! We like him too.

Jayne Wales said...

Hey it's good isn't it? I have had the best company today of Edie age 5 and Arthur age 2.
You can't fool kids that you care or love them. They just know when you do and it's nice.
I know you have those moments and your today has been different. It's the soft, easy times and familiarity that just makes a big ok day.xxxxx
Have a comfortable holiday.