Monday, July 16, 2012

A Rarity: A blog in pictures

I don't think I've ever done a photo blog before, but now seems to be a good time to start. As you know Joe and I received the 'community service' award from the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. We are not photographers and have very few pictures of events in our life together. However, at this occasion we had friends with cameras there. Belinda, in one of the pictures below, sent me these last night so I was able to use them here today. I hope you enjoy having a glimpse into our day.


After having been presented the award, I spoke for a few minutes. That's Joe behind me thinking, 'It will all be over soon.' He's not one for being up in front of people. They guy in the robes in the Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, pastor of the church.


At the end I called Ruby and Sadie up because I wanted to mention how wonderful a world it would be if everyone were safe. The girls were a little emotional about it and came up and gave me, then Joe big hugs. The woman seated behind, in the black tank top, is one of the sign language interpreters for the church.


Joe and Ruby sharing some decidedly secular humour. You can't see her face but that's Dunja, in the white dress, one of the Directors of Vita Community Living Services.


 Mike, Marissa, Ruby and Sadie, relaxing before the service. Ruby was giving the dog, Puffy Puff, who she named herself, instructions on behaviour and Sadie was checking out the sound system.

 Joe has always had the ability to be the life of the party. We went out for tea, coffee and snacks after. That's Joe's niece Shannon, who flew out from B.C. to be here, with us. And beside her is Cathy, one of the Behaviour Therapists on my team at Vita.


Sadie set herself the task of making Joe's tea. She dunked and dunked and dunked the life out of that tea bag. Joe said that the tea was strong enough to revive a drunken sailor.


 A partial shot of the folks gathered afterwards, That's Belinda, the photographer who made this blog possible who is standing right behind me. Susan is at the front and Shassha is right beside her.


I didn't realize I was quite so expressive when telling a story. See how Joe is so interested in my tale?


I don't remember what Mike, Ruby and Sadie's dad said, but I thought it was funny.


Ruby was getting set to head out, full of chocolate milk which miraculously didn't land on a single petal on her new dress.

Well, those are some pictures from the event. We received the award and spent time with friends. I've had to choose from near a 100 photo's and didn't manage to get everyone who came in the photos, sorry. I also haven't written about the ceremony and what it meant to both Joe and I.  I'm tired, I'm drained of emotion. So, the photo's will have to tell the story for now.

One last shot, this was taken of us going to the front to receive the award. I was thinking, 'What am I going to say,' and oddly Joe was thinking, 'I wonder what he's going to say.'


In a flash, the day was over and I'm about to head to bed. Thanks those who came, either in person or over the webcast. It will be available for a few days on the MCCT website ...


Molly said...

1. Mazel tov!!!!!
2. Candid photos of you and Joe are so so so precious. You guys are a beautiful couple.

Anonymous said...

great pictures! congratulations and thank you for sharing your day.

Anonymous said...

Somehow you both are shining!

Shine on

John R. said...

.... the photos are terrific....thank you for sharing this good thing... and certainly, congratulations to you both again....wish I could have been there...

Tamara said...

So glad someone brought a camera! Great pictures, Belinda - you really captured the day! Congratulations to Dave and Joe - good to see recognition of people who are getting it right in this world.

Andrea S. said...

Congrats on the award! And thank you for sharing these photos!

FunMumx3 said...

Congratulations and all on the award and recognition, well deserved.

Being a light-hearted person, I would love to see you crop that photo of you with the expressive face to just you and then have a blog-fan contest to create a caption. No prize, just the fun of seeing what wonderful statements folks can can up with to label your delightful expression. Gotta be something about the 'fish that got away' or something...

Rachel said...

I couldn't wear a dress like that one without spilling something on it -- go Ruby!

It looks like it was a wonderful day. Can't wait to see the video!

Moose said...

What terrific pictures. Congratulations on your award. It's a great honor and it looks like the celebration was lots of fun.

p.s. I'm with Rachel, I can't wear *anything* without spilling something on it.

Myrrien said...

wonderful Dave, everyone seemed so happy. Also Ruby and Sadie are beautiful young ladies

Cynthia F. said...

Love these shots, your face is so animated Dave! Wonderful to see more of Joe, Ruby, Sadie, and the other "supporting cast" of this blog.

Am glad you wore a bright colored shirt too although I'm still hoping for a few shots of you in the orange one you've mentioned - maybe with a matching hat???

Karry said...

I noticed the brightly colored shirt, too, and thought, "Go, Dave!" I love seeing faces to many of the names, and it's wonderful to see the interactions in the photos, as well. Thanks for sharing these, and congratulations on your award!

Princeton Posse said...

Somehow, it makes me feel proud of you both.

Shan said...

It was a WONDERFUL day!

As I saw both you and Joe with imminent tears of emotion at the ceremony, (effectively blinked back - well played!) I thought that this was the perfect award for you two, to recognise what's important to YOU TWO.

Thank you so, so much again, for honouring me with an invitation. It was such a joy to be with you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of you. So glad you were able to share the even with family and friends. What a wonderful statement of love - reaching out all the way to BC.

Keep up the good work!