Monday, July 30, 2012

August Newsletter is Out

The next issue of the newsletter for direct care professionals, Service, Support and Success, is out. Faith, Freedom and Fealty: Supporting People with Disabilities to Live Freely is an article sure to excite conversation and spark discussion. Belinda Burston from Christian Horizons is the lead author this month and we thank her for her contribution. If you have not received a copy, then let me know at (do not email me at my hotmail address for this please) and I'll get it out to you. It has been mailed so if you didn't get it, it's not coming without a request.

Note: I had trouble with sending this month's out so you may have received too many copies, I apologize.


Belinda said...

This was SUCH an exciting opportunity--to write alongside a hero in the field, and a dear friend--but my part was that of the moon to the sun--the energy bouncing back and forth in the writing, and all of it infused with God--the topic being so very important.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you and Belinda for the article. I am a gay Christian and I wept when reading what you wrote. I felt love there, you have done a great service to everyone. But to me and my soul I found it healing.

Belinda said...

Dear Anonymous friend,
Yours is a response I never anticipated. If it was only for you, it would have been worth the writing.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Anon, like Belinda, I feel so pleased to have written something that held so much meaning for you. As a gay man, I understand, I think, where you are coming from. I hope it's safe where you are.