Monday, June 21, 2010

I Is What I Is

So, I was challenged the other day to make a list of all my guilty secret pleasures. Things that I know others may look askance at. I thought I was fairly public here on the blog with that kind of thing. But OK, I'm up for it. I challenge you to join me in making a list of a dozen things that you like - things you don't tell EVERYone. You need to include in the list the thing you like best about what you look like.

1) Madonna. (THE Madonna, Jesus' Ma. My favourite biblical quote belongs to her, and in all the pictures of her, she looks so nice.)

2) Madonna. (The OTHER Madonna, who I think the former would approve of by the by.)

3) Japanese Sencha Tea. (Yeah, I'm that specific.)

4) Tescos. (Best place in the world to shop.)

5) Butter Tarts. (Uniquely Canadian delicacy.)

6) My eyes. (There I admit it, I like the colour of my eyes. So there.)

7) Horseradish. (What it has to do with horses or radishes I don't know.)

8) Fart jokes. (They may stink but they never get old.)

9) Broadway songs. (Bet that doesn't really surprise you.)

10) Pink lemonade. (Yellow lemonade - who thought of that?)

11) Tim Horton's not Starbucks. (Tim's green tea way beats Starbucks.)

12) Sue Thomas, FBEye. (We watch it every day at 5. Best drama on television.)

I decided to leave off the things that I've made very clear here on the blog. Writing, Henry - my power chair, Cooking, Green Tea in general, Dogs, anything to do with Joe. So, there, I've come out with it.

Now you go.

Remember too, that next Sunday is the Blog Carnival. Give me links to the blog you wrote that you are proudest of. I have a number of submissions so far but ... I'll be taking submissions until the end of the day today. I'll be putting the post together over the next several days.


Kristin said...

Dave, you just made my day with this post. Not only did I get to learn more about one of my favorite bloggers but I got to drool over the gorgeous John Barrowman (and, dammit, I know he's already taken by another gorgeous man).

wendy said...

Broadway musicals are one of my guilty pleasures, too, Dave. And that song brings back so many feelings and memories of the early 80's when I was just beginnging to embrace it's message. What a great way to start a Monday!

Andrea S. said...

My personal favorite blog post from among things I've written:

It doesn't seem to receive nearly as much traffic as many of my other posts, but I feel it's one of my better written pieces.

Tamara said...

In reference to Number 7. I just have to mention that I just happen to live in the Horseradish Capital of the World - yes, the world. We even have a horseradish festival ... So, I think you and Dave should plan a trip this way next June ...

lol - I've never been, so I have no idea how accessible it is - How does Henry do in grass? :-)

Brenda said...

Awesome. I feel so special (along with the gazillion others who read you daily). One observation, and one request: #1 - I like the colour of your eyes too. :) And #2 - since you're in a sharing mood, how about some pics of "Dave & Joe - The Early Years"? One of my favourite things in the whole word is seeing couples that have been together *forEVER*, and how they've evolved over the years from 'me & you' to 'us'. It's beautiful.

Unknown said...

Ok 12 guilty pleasures, :)
1. my husband, he makes me laugh
2. my grandson, he is amazing!
3. chocolate chip ice cream
4. angel food cake
5. my corgi
6. getting a tan
7. my boobs
8. reading trashy vampire and zombie books
9. bracelets
10. the kids I teach or have taught
11. Gordon Ramsey
12. eating


Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't resist. I love lists. I read this in the morning and decided that I oughtn't share b/c my list just isn't that interesting. However, by this evening, I realized that you can simply scroll down. ;)

1) Coleman Sleeping Bags- I have pulled one out just to be comforted by the bonfire/bugspray smell that can't be washed out.
2) Count Chocula Cereal- Dinner of the gods!
3) I like my lips and actually think they're kind of sexy.
4) My old ride-on lawnmower, Husky, the Husqvarna. Pretended it was an atv, long before I could afford one.
5) Texting, swore I'd never become one of those people, but I lied.
6) Playground Equipment, I swear if they made adult-size stuff, we'd be healthier, nonetheless, I squeeze my butt down many slides each year.
7) Things To Do Lists, each one gives me a brand new chance to be successful.
8) Schick Intuition Razors, insanely overpriced, but worth every penny for the shea butter scent.
9) Picking up chickens in Farmer Loch's yard.
10) Drinking from water fountains. Still brings me back to when I finally got tall enough to reach one.
11) Watching my youngest sister sleep, waited years for her to sleep through the night. Witnessing such peacefulness assures me that she truly may be content.
12) Road Trips to Northern Ontario, born a northern girl, so I coerce anyone and everyone to trek up there with me as often as possible.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Anon! That wasn't boring, it was fun. What part of Ontario are you from?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad my list didn't put you to sleep. I was born in the bustling metropolis of Hearst, Ontario, but lived in nearby Hornepayne. Watching bears at the dump and having my tongue removed from metal poles. Those were the days!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely evening!

Jen said...

Guilty pleasures are the best :-)

1. Being old enough not to care if I don't wear makeup to the store, or if my hair is turning grey.
2. Listening to The Who (yes, I know about the allegations against Pete Townshend, and yes, I am 30 years past 16).
3. Bakery pastries. I'm overweight, but I think that may make them more delicious.
4. Sprite. I don't drink pop, but the occasional Sprite is pretty great.
5. MGM musicals.
6. Rick Mercer. I have a bigger crush on him than my husband does, and yes, I do know that he's gay. A girl can dream.
7. Bad romance novels. I do always feel guilty when I read them (and I'm not quite at the Harlequin level yet), but they are satisfying at times.
8. I have breasts now, which I never did. They may be a result of my recent weight gain, but they're actually pretty cool.
9. B movies. I'll take Anaconda over almost anything.
10. Tuna casserole. I love to cook, and it hardly qualifies as haute cuisine. But there are few things more satisfying (unless it's a great homemade macaroni and cheese).
11. Finding humour in 'tragic' situations. Triplet preemies were scary, but they were also funny. Preemies don't have cartilage in their ears, so when we put the knitted cap on my son, he looked like a garden gnome. Autism isn't funny in and of itself, but there are definitely times when the kids themselves are funny as hell. Even cancer has its funny moments, if it's your coping mechanism, and if you don't admit it to anyone.
12. Smelling my kids. Nothing ever smells so good when they are right out of a bath, and even when they're not, nothing smells like them.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I loved your list. It was a delight to peruse. My list is above and the funny thing is that by reading someone else's list you start to recall just how very many guilty pleasures we have! I think you're right about baked goods tasting better when you are overweight. If nothing else, I appreciate them more. I was also glad to hear someone else say that facets of Autism can be funny. I've never laughed harder than some of the situations that my sister who experiences Autism has gotten me into. Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Anonymous- I think that sometimes we spur each other on to remember things that we love :-) My kids are teenagers now, and although puberty is challenging, to say the least, it's also the first time that I've had since they were born to re-discover who I am.

I would have totally copied Dave's list (I absolutely love Madonna, green tea, and Broadway songs), but I was trying to think of things that I like just because they're mine. You really can't beat butter tarts though...lovely, flaky, sugary butter tarts :-)

Hornpayne- wow. I almost moved to Timmins at one point (pre-kids), but it seemed too far north for me- the block heaters on the parking meters convinced me that it would be COLD. My toque is off to you :-)

Happy said...

I had to comment very belatedly to thank you for the John Barrowman youtube. I immediately went to Amazon and for £6 downloaded one of his albums, which I am enjoying immensely!

But since I'm here, I'll give a belated list.

1. Coca Cola. I absolutely savor that first sip after it's been poured into my freezey mug. So cold and fizzy and sweet and *droooools*

2. Lolcats and Lolspeak.

3. "That's what SHE said!" *giggles* I hope I never outgrow snickering at accidental innuendos.

4. I have a giant teddy bear that I snuggle with when my husband isn't at home.

5. Lady Gaga. I heart her so much!

6. Flirting online with my trans woman friend. I'm 90% straight, but that girl is smoking hot.

7. The first five minutes of that head buzz I get after I take one of my painkillers. I hate the feeling once it lasts longer than that, which is why I try to avoid that particular pain killer. But if I have to take it, then I may as well enjoy the buzz a little, before I crawl into bed to sleep it off.

8. Audiobooks to sleep to at night. "Read me a bedtime story!" It has to be a book with no violent scenes or surprises, and read by a nice motherly or fatherly voice. Jane Austen books are perfect.

9. Putting my Kindle in a ziplock bag and reading in the bathtub.

10. Roleplaying games online with my online buddies.

11. Watching my senior dog flirt with her "boyfriend", our dog walker's chocolate lab one minute, and then have them trying to steal the other's treats the next.

12. Being fat. I was always super skinny, until I was nearly 30, to the point where concern trolls would try to intervene about whatever eating disorder they imagined I had. Finally my metabolism changed and I piled on the pounds, and it feels great to have padding all over now.

I'm going to repost this on my blog for Thankful Thursday tomorrow. :) And Dave? You're awesome.