Thursday, April 15, 2010

Head Still Attached

I got the oddest call today.

Someone on the phone asking, 'Are you happy in your present employment?' I was immediately annoyed and asked who was calling, thinking it was one of those generic headhunting places. Well, it turns out there is a company interested in employing me and wanted to know if I would be open to discussing my employment and, perhaps, a move. My mysterious caller would not identify the company or location of the mysterious employer other than the fact that the company was located in Canada.

After a brief discussion, I hung up the phone. I am very happy with where I work, I have no intention of moving, but even so - I felt hot! Desired!! Lusted after!!! And it's kind of a cool feeling. I liken it to sitting at a bar all dumpy and happily married and having the opportunity to turn down someone who has the hots for you. Not that I've ever had this experience - oh, yeah, I did, once.

Apparently, I have, let me quote to get it exactly right, 'an enviable reputation and some quiet extraordinary skills' ... yeah, baby. This is as close as I have ever come to having phone sex. Tell me more, stroke me ego until ... OK, let's let that analogy go right now shall we? At one point I had to tell the voice on the phone that I was diabetic and could take much more of the sweet talk.

It's odd, they called to see if I wanted a job but told me nothing about it. The whole call was about me and how, if appreciated properly, I could really 'grow my ideas'. I've been 'growing my ideas' my whole life - but OK - now someone wants to give me a garden.

Funny how an offer to go elsewhere can make you really happy to be where you are!

But, still, I'm glad I got the call.

Because it means that this grey bald head is still worth hunting.


Shan said...

Hey, man, it's all about the remuneration! A phone call like that means you've got leverage.

wendy said...

Wow. Is there a 900 number for this caller? ;)
I can understand why that felt so good. Did you have a cigarette afterwards?

Congrats on the offer and the complimentary ego buffing that went with it! It's so well deserved I'm surprised it doesn't happen on a regular basis.

ivanova said...

How awesome!

Kristin said...

It's always nice to know you are wanted. Congrats Dave.

IDEAS said...

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