Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illness By The Numbers

I am feeling much better this morning. The 'flu' (the doctor said that people called what I had the flu when in fact it was not the flu - he said this with some distain but for the life of me, in my mind I've suffered from the flu) is taking its course and now a few days later I'm feeling much much improved. I've had several days rest and several days of being taken care of. Though my illness has inconvenienced others, to a one I have been met with kindness.

So, about illness ... here's 10 good things about getting sick -

1) manditory time off, you don't work because you don't feel like working, you rest because you feel like resting

2) no need for critical self evaluation, people get sick, you are people

3) being asked, with real concern, how are you?

4) naps

5) snuggly blankets, couch time, hot tea, good paperbacks

6) knowing other people are at work while you are at home

7) looking at the computer and thinking ... nah

8) spending an entire day in a housecoat, a magical housecoat, with no thought of getting dressed

9) reading get well emails from friends

10) looking forward to getting back to a life you needed a break from to appreciate

Here's 3 of the worst things about having what people call the flu ...

1) knowing that something horrible is going to end up on the floor no matter which you choose, bend or sit

2) having the runs without being able to run

3) mistrusting farts

Here's 2 of the most frustrating things about being sick ...

1) having time to play games on the computer but not feeling like playing games on the computer

2) spending two hours reading a book only to realize that you don't remember anything that you've read

Here's the 1 thing that people don't talk about regarding illness ....

1) you really can get up to get that cup of tea but it's way better having it brought to you

So, anyways, I'm feeling better.


Andrea S. said...

I think #6 is one of my favorite things about having an excuse to take time off ... kind of like how it feels to look outside and see snow on the ground, and people walking around bundled up in 50 layers of clothing still looking cold, but knowing that you're inside where it's cozy and warm and you've no reason to go out.

But #2 of frustrating things really sucks -- reading is my favorite thing to do, so on the few occasions when I can't even do that is really annoying. On those few occasions, it helps to have a few light movies on hand to watch -- stuff you've seen 10 times before so if you doze off for a few minutes in the middle it doesn't really matter because you already know the bit that you miss, but still entertaining enough to hold your attention a little during the times you're sort of awake.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. BTW, they're called "sharts" :)
Jamie Lynn

CJ said...

Love it! LMAO!

Glad you are feeling better.

datri said...

I had to laugh out loud at "mistrusting farts". Yeah, been there, done that. Glad you are feeling better.

Erin said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Happy Father's Day, Aunties!

Belinda said...

"Having the runs without being able to run." You have no business writing something so funny when you know that someone with 28 stomach staples is reading your blog!

I am so glad you're feeling better. Snuggle down, lap it up, watch a great movie. We just watched,"Defiance." A very inspiring and powerful movie about the Jewish resistance in the forests in WW2.

wendy said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. I'd milk it for at least a few more cups of tea, though. Don't let on too soon!

Liz Miller said...

Glad you're on the mend!

Unknown said...

There are so many of your blogs I want to print out- but this one is a keeper for sure to remind me to just relax and enjoy the rest next time I get ill. Thanks!


ABEhrhardt said...

I'm sitting here chuckling - and I've had the flu since Monday.

You nailed it - not even enough energy to do silly computer games.

Mind you, I have ME/CFS, but this has taken me close to absolute zero in energy.

I'M relaxing by reading YOUR blog posts. Thank you. And learning even when I don't have the energy for it.