Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm up early this morning to head up to Campbell River to visit with family, Joe is rushing around getting things packed. (For those of you who might think me lazy in that Joe does all the packing - Joe won't let me pack, he folds, I stuff, he places, I toss - he's asked me, not so nicely either, to just let him do it.) I've got to get the pills done, we are kept alive by chemisty, and put the computer away.

So my post today is going to be brief.

Very brief.

All I want to do is remind everyone that we are only a few days away from Chewing the Fat's book club. I have stuff ready from the author, Mary Doria Russell for you on that day. I'm the kind of person who usually has to go Christmas shopping two or three times because when I buy a gift, I can't wait to give it, so it has been hard for me to not post this stuff right away.

So on May 22, Thread of Grace, will be discussed. I'm hoping for a good turn out and discussion. I loved the book and the big 'scene' will be the topic of my personal blog on that day.

I'd be curious for people to nominate other books for consideration, books that address disability issues or have primary characters with disabilities. I've purchased two such books based on reviews in the paper, Lottery, which has a primary character with an intellectual disability and October, which has a primary character with a physical disability. I've not read either yet as I'm finishing up Follett's World Without End.

Got go, getting glared at.


Anonymous said...

Can you give us an author for the other two books you mentioned? They don't exactly come up at the top of the list on Google (or a library catalog) by keyword! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards - The story of a dr who delivers his own twin babies in the 1960's. The boy is typical, the girl has Down syndrome. He tells his nurse to take the girl to an institution. She can't leave her there and ends up raising her on her own.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to second the vote for The Memory Keeper's Daughter, mostly because I've had it sat on my shelf for ages waiting for just the right moment to read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the 22nd as I have my report all ready lol

Sarah Heacox said...

Stones From the River, by Ursula Hegi is a must read, about a woman who has achondroplasia dwarfism, growing up in Nazi Germany. It's beautiful and amazing!
I also have to recommend "Lying Awake" by Mark Salzman, about a nun who is receiving heavenly visions. She learns that her visions are brought on by epilepsy.
It's a play rather than a novel, but "Joe Egg" by Peter Nichols is a very moving story about a little girl with severe CP. Some parts will make you angry, but it's a powerful story and worth the read.
And then you probably already know of "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" by Brian Clark, about a man with a physical disability who is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

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