Friday, September 28, 2007

Two Word Philosophies

We stopped at a funky little restaurant on our way to Ottawa. It was nestled in amongst other shops in Peterborough and looked welcoming. It was. We'd decided to drive the northern route to see the fall colours and to be off the freeway. The drive had been great. We'd expected few of the vibrant reds this year but we saw amazing beauty. Trees that had spontaneously burst into flame. How cool is that.

As we had lunch, Joe and Mike had the messy grilled cheese and I had falafels smothered in garlic dill sauce. I wouldn't ordinarily tell you about the food, but it was good, I'm fat, therefore food matters to me. I had mentioned hearing someone talk recently about 'two word philosophies' ... it's a challenge to put the things you believe into two words. We had fun coming up with combinations.

"Cool matters," was the first that Mike came up with.

"Age gently," was Joe's.

"Fat's phat," was mine.

Then we were off and running. It turned into a fun conversation and we went round and round and round again. Once in the car and the Dixie Chicks were playing in the car, I thought more about this whole idea. Here are some that came to mind when thinking about what I do and who I am.

Listen softly.

Judge rarely.

Hope constantly.

Strive unceasingly.

Apologize readily.

Feel passionately.

Guard prejudices.

Temper temper.

Swallow fear.

Expect miracles.

Be miraculous.

Reject pretence.

Welcome truth.

Challenge orthodoxy.

Hold dear.

Two words can contain a lot of wisdom, we discovered as we chowed down. Two words can reveal a lot about one's character and one's vision. As a writer, I find words flow fairly easily for me and it was good to slow down and try to use fewer words with more meaning. I'd like to hear your two word philosophies so ...

Comment freely.


Kei said...

Oh, this is fun! You always make me think and enage my brain. Here are some of mine~

Unlimited potential.

Love unconditionally.

Miracles happen.

Think positively.

Awaken dreams.

Live now.

Enjoy life.

Practice compassion.

Be kind.

Just breathe.

Kei said...

that was meant to be 'engage' my brain... obviously I forgot to engage the spell check part of my brain this morning.

Anonymous said...

I could go "on and on" but that's 3 words.

Love yourself

Love life

Be yourself

Forgive easily

count blessings

work hard

laugh often

have fun


Anonymous said...

How about:
Give thanks

Dream big

Never surrender

Be patient

Keep trying

Celebrate diversity

And I know we said 2 word philosiphies but I couldn't resist:

Comfort the afflicted,
Afflict the comfortable


Anonymous said...

What a great challenge!

Create change

Respectfully argue

Dream big

Feel deeply

Advocate strongly

Protect fiercely

Assume competence

Respect others

Ignore labels

Live passionately

I think I could go on and on!

Thanks, Dave!

Jodi said...

Be real

Casdok said...

Head bang!

Anonymous said...

Be courageous.

Slow down.

Premee said...

Mine used to be 'Darkness prevails.' I'm pleased to report that it's now 'Live brightly.'

PS. This is my first comment on Chewing the Fat, though I've been reading it for ages. I lurve you, Dave!

Belinda said...

Touch gently.

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

Just Be.

Embrace All.

Be You.

Prohibit Pity.

--Andrea (Blogging on Disability and International Development) (Blogging on the ADA Restoration Act and other topics)

theknapper said...

Be curious.

Embrace imperfections.

Look further.

Someone could take these sayings & put them on buttons or rocks...and sell them! A fundraiser.
(at the next conference!)

wendy said...

Laugh unfettered
Risk ridicule
Love generously
Live genuinely

It's amazing how limiting yourself to two words turns into a Hallmark Moment! ;-)

n. said...

aguanta mucho.

Anonymous said...

Sleep tight.

Anonymous said...

Speak truth

Anonymous said...

Exist rightly.
Love furiously.
Learn more.
Laugh hard.

Betsy said...

read Dave

Anonymous said...

celebrate quirks