Monday, August 20, 2007

Two O'clock

At about two o'clock this morning I woke up bundled in sheets and comforters. It's been unnaturally cold here over the last few days and it was nice to feel the warmth all around me. Which is completely not like me. I'm the kind of guy who sleeps just with the sheet covering me in the darkest winter night. I don't bundle up. Ever.

Unless I'm sick.

And at two in the morning I realized that I was really sick.

I felt nauseous and sweaty and had aching in all my joints. It hurt to turn, it hurt to lie in one place, and then I realized that I had a big day coming. I was doing consultations that have been set up for weeks. I fell back to sleep thinking ... what to do ... what to do ... what to do.

On rising I felt no better and in fact a wee bit worse. Even so I began to prepare for the work day. It took mountains of energy to move. I stood and looked at the shower then back at the bed. The bed won.

I'm taking the day off to get better.

I'm sorry that it will be a bother for a lot of people.

But I've spent much of my life teaching others to take care of themselves. To speak up and be heard. To assert themselves when necessary. So shouldn't I occasionally listen to my own speel? Just this once, those who can - teach?

What's the worse that can happen?

I'll feel better tomorrow.

Forgive me but this is the best I can do for a blog today.

Night now.


Belinda said...

God bless you and keep you.

He will take care of the day and details--and you--when you cooperate, as you did by going back to bed!

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Dave.


Unknown said...

well THANK YOU!! from one that works with the GO GETTERS!! the ones that come to work HACKING-SPITTING-SNEEZING...and sharing their virus with me and my family!


chicken soup, sprite and crackers, and lots of well deserved snooze time!

keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

hope u feel better soon. I really enjoy reading your blog and I went to your training in newcastle upon tyne last December (also excellent!). Are you coming back to England any time soon?! Rebecca

Kei said...

I hope you feel better soon!