Monday, October 14, 2019

What The Dog Wants

Photo Description: Close up photo of a gentle faced doberman /German shepherd mix
Right now, as I'm writing this, Lucy is sitting beside me. It's taking a long time to type these words. You see right now, Lucy has decided that her need for affection and affirmation is the only thing I should be attending to ...

excuse me ...

be right back ...

OK Lucy is now full up on hugs and love.

I admire this about her. If she could get up and debate with behaviour therapists, she would want to make the case that love isn't contingent ... if it is it's toxic.

I have always maintained this, I wrote 'the 10 Commandments of Reinforcement' a long while back wherein I stated that rewards could be contingent but that love should never be. Lucy here is a follower of that philosophy.

Lucy has no difficulty in seeking out affection when it's needed. She has no problem in communicating exactly what it is she wants from us in that department. "Scratch behind my ears" is different from "stroke the underside of my throat."

I wish I had the skill of asking for affection when I needed it.

I wish that I didn't feel embarassed at how much I need it.

But there you have it, Lucy the pooch, believes she deserves it any time she wants it. Maybe that's why she seems so much, so very much, more at peace with herself.

Damn dog.


Myrthe said...

I want a dog.. because of the non-contingent cuddles. People cuddles are often too short, and need a reason too often, and especially long cuddles need a reason. So I want a dog.

I also wanted to post this link:

I've recently started ballroom dancing classes. It's a lovely activity because it's not as performancy as most physical activities (tag: be faster than someone else so you can tag them. Basketball: get the ball through the hoop. Athletics like spear throwing: spear needs to go beyond ten feet. Dancing: follow the steps approximately and you're good. If you want to do even better, try doing it to the beat of the music. If you want to do it competitively, maybe follow the steps exactly and have great posture, but that's not required in order to be dancing or to be having FUN!!). And so far either my prosthetic leg (with a knee that extends fast enough for walking, but not for some figures in fast dances) or I can keep up with the steps!

The video is cool - it's of a one-armed woman dancing with a one-legged man. And it has good music, too. And good choreo.

Myrthe said...

Hey, Dave.

I was reading old blogs (I'm reading back - so I'm around Joe's birthday in 2014 right now!) and looked at the calendar and.. yes.

Happy birthday, Joe!