Thursday, December 20, 2018

Gift to Myself

I left Joe to wait at the door as I headed to pick up the final thing on my list for him. The mall was busy but there were stretches where I could go all out. Push my chair as fast as I could. I was over enough that someone coming out of a store wouldn't be in my pathway, even so I kept a very watchful eye as I soared through the mall.

A couple of people, maybe even several, really noticed my speed as my arms pumped hard to accelerate and race through the space. Some disapproved. Many didn't. They just smiled.

For me, their reaction wasn't particularly important. I don't care why some disapproved and others enjoyed what I was doing.

What mattered was that I was getting to use my strength just for fun. I've been working out for almost a year and I'm pretty strong now. My chair is lighter and more agile and, well, so am I.

Sometimes I feel a need to just play with my chair, play with my strength, enjoy feeling strong and enjoy feeling fast.

We all work so hard for things in our lives, sometimes we forget to enjoy them.

I've worked hard to get strong.

I've worked to get fast.

And today I enjoyed that.

This is a gift I give to myself.


ABEhrhardt said...

I'm doing hard PT, which hurts for days after, for the same reason: to get as strong as possible. For me.

Enjoy the gift no one can give you.

Rickismom said...

Oh I can relate to this! I remember the first time in thirty years (after losing over 50 Kilos and exercising) that I was able to RUN and catch a bus- it was exhilarating!!Enjoy that new strength!!