Friday, May 11, 2018


On Monday October 9th, 2006, this blog made it's first appearance. It was named 'Chewing the Fat' at the time because I thought it funny and because I hoped it would, assure people that I knew who I was, what I looked like and that I was good with saying it out loud. Over time I came to dislike the name and changed it, with a fair bit of protest, to 'Rolling Around in My Head' because that suited me. I never anticipated being at blogging for this long and, of course, I grew and changed and along came the next name, 'Of Battered Aspect,' a name that I'm still fond of even though few others are ... but then, its my blog.

Why all this reminisce?

This is my 4000th published blog. There are nine blogs that were either written to be published in a later that never came or that I took down because I decided that I no longer wanted them to be associated with me.

I've thought a bit about what to write for this blog and I simply couldn't decide.

It feels momentous to me but, it's just a blog.

It feels a bit pompous to be celebrating the thinnest of accomplishments.

This blog has served as a personal diary, as a record of my journey as a disabled, gay, fat, man. It has also given me a forum to bring forward issues that trouble me or excite me or pique my interest.

But most of all, it's given me connection to an amazing group of readers. I enjoy meeting those who read my blog and chatting with them about their reaction to what I think and what I choose to write about. Those of you who have introduced yourselves to me are a fine bunch, those who I know from comments are equally fine. You have challenged me, told me I'm wrong and invested this blog with life.

So here we all are, years later, 4000 posts later.

I thank you for your time and your attention and your thoughts. Thanks for pushing me to grow. Thanks for being here today to read this.

4000 posts.

Wow. And wow, indeed.


Unknown said...

I've read your blog every day, shared a few to Facebook, and recommended it as a daily read to many. Thank you for all you've done to teach us about our work and our lives. Jami, Novato CA

Unknown said...

I have been reading this blog since April 23, 2018, when I heard you speak at the SPADD conference at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Albeit that is not an extraordinary amount of time, but I want you to know that I'm so thankful that I was able to become acquainted with you. Some days, here recently, your blog is that one ray of sunshine brightening my day. My mama was diagnosed with MS Monday, and I think God introduced you to me so that I can stay strong and focused on what's important through what could be a potentially (almost certainly) debilitating disease for her. Thank you so much, I look forward to 4,000 more!

Flemisa said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Looking forward to reading many more. Enjoy being challenged and entertained and part of a great group.
from one of your regular blog readers and occasional commentator.

clairesmum said...

Not sure when I became a regular reader...but I started with "Chewing the Fat." Not even sure how I found your blog, but now I check your blog with my morning coffee. For all that you say you have received by blogging, you have given as much to me. I was lucky enough to meet you and Joe briefly a few years ago, and still smile at that memory. Namaste.

Unknown said...

I start each day with your blog. I've learned so much here. Thank you for 4,000 posts and I hope to read at least 4,000 more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! 4000 posts is a major milestone!

It's always such a pleasure to read you -- whether we always agree or occasionally don't. You've opened my (temporarily-mostly-abled) eyes to many kinds of non-accessibility and given me plenty of ways to address that in the communities and organizations where I live and work.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and spreading so much light.


ABEhrhardt said...

Wouldn't miss one of yours - glad I found you.