Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Curtain Up

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We met at the light. I'd seen him around a lot recently and we'd begun the 'hello there other disabled person in a power wheelchair' nod phase of our relationship. He looked over at me when I pulled up beside him. We both knew the order of the lights and knew that the diagonal crossing was next. We were pointed north and east from the south and west.

"Do you see that?" he asked.

"What," I asked.

"We are the show this morning."

He was right, having two disabled people in power chairs each with bodies very different from each other and from those around us. The looks came our way. It's a busy intersection and soon there were a lot of people around us.

He said, loudly enough to be heard by others, "It's kind of creepy when you are surrounded by all kinds of normal isn't it?"

"Creepy AND disturbing," I responded.

Just as the lights turned and people started to move he said, "I'd rather be dead than have to get around on legs, good God, how do they cope?"

I laughed along with him as we crossed the street.

So we're passed the nodding stage and into the street theatre phase of our relationship.

Curtain up!


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Anonymous said...

A significant fraction of those around you will be in a wheelchair some day (we're living longer). Those who were there and heard and watched you two now have a good model for how to just take it 'in stride.'

And even larger fraction will be disabled themselves some day - they can start learning about it now.

And just being decent human beings should make ALL of them interested.


PS Glad you are making a new friend - and he is like you in some ways. With that kind of friends we are spared the endless explaining - they just get it.

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Thanks for the laugh, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Are there many wheelchair users in Canada? Cause over here in England no one would look twice at you for being in one. How ridiculous.