Saturday, May 11, 2013


Yesterday Joe and I spent the morning teaching a group of people with disabilities about abuse prevention. We had a group that came from all over Saskatchewan but more importantly we had a group that really got into the training. The time flew by. Just flew.

And a few hours later we flew home.

The time change and the discombobulation that comes with being here one minute and there the next have hit me pretty hard. Joe and I both got into the Saskatchewan time zone quickly, good for there, not so good for coming home.

We were lucky because we were able to get on an earlier flight home so we were home really late not ridiculously late. Our luggage came quickly but my arms and shoulders are screaming from all the pushing to get through the terminal and over to pick up a car.

All this to say is that these few meagre words with these few bland bits of information is all I've got to give right now, I'll be back tomorrow. I'm going back to bed.


Belinda said...

Welcome Home!!! I was just thinking that with all the written material out there--good writing and good content--this is the one blog I always make time for--you may think "bland"--we don't. :)

Anonymous said...


Where is Fridays post?

Love Linda

Anonymous said...

Nothing bland whatsoever about your blog, your writing, and your adventures. Enjoy your rest!