Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, that was odd.

After checking into a hotel who's concession to disability is sticking a toilet insert onto the toilet, we were both grumpy. Accessible should be accessible, it shouldn't be perching on a tiny toilet insert. Oh, well, that's not the big deal. The big deal is that they had no regular wire hangers. They had the kind of hangers that have a nub that fits into the hanger that hangs permanently on the rod.

We had expected hangers.

So, I'm on IV antibiotics and yesterday we learned from a nurse who wasn't into teaching but was supposed to instruct us how to do it. She did it quickly, commenting that she had dinner waiting and she was called in because someone else was off sick, and the fuel light on her car was on and she rushed out without her purse, and she wanted to get back for her dinner. In amongst her, I became a nurse to be able to subject you to me, babble we asked a few questions and thought we had it figured.

We didn't. We were here in the hotel with a line that did not run and a drip that did not drip. Finally we called for support and got a nurse who took all the time we needed and we discovered we'd missed only one small but vital fact. It must have been lost somewhere between learning she had four children and the fact that her supper was waiting. So that done, we looked for a hanger to hang the bag so I could get the IV.

No hangers.

So for about 30 minutes Joe stood on a chair holding the bag above his head. I simply sat and watched the bag slowly drain. Joe remarks that we'll find this funny one day.

Uh, huh, sure we will.

But I'm getting better, the antibiotics are working and the promised nausia hasn't been part of the recovery. So Joe standing on a chair in a hotel with a bag held up over his head will be one memory I'll hold on to.

He looked a bit like The Statue of Liberty holding torch high.

He looked a bit like Florence Nightengale holding lantern aloft.

But mostly he looked like a guy who'll do anything I need when I'm truly in need.

I'm a little glad that there were no hangers, because that's what I needed to see tonight.


wendy said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better!

The image of Joe on a chair, holding your IV bag is a vivid illustration of what love looks like when it's lived day to day.

e said...

God, that is too sweet.

I've been married for years...many times.

I do not think ANY of my
husbands would do something
like that for me.

Joe is amazing!!

on a side note...Kathy Traynor told me she gets to see you this weekend at a conference up there
in canadaland.

I told her to march right up, plant a BIG ONE on ya, and tell
you it's from me!

We shall see if it happens...


thanks for all you do!

in missouri

Jodi said...

That guy is a KEEPER!

Kei said...

Everything for a reason.. no hangers so you could see love on a day like this.

mary c said...

You are a lucky man to have Joe in your life.

Casdok said...

Nice one Joe. And you both will smile about it one day!
Glad your on the mend.

Susan said...

I love you guys!

Mieke said...

Instead of looking for God, one might as well look for such god-like characteristics in human people, as you found them in Joe. Lucky man!

Anonymous said...

And the correct spelling of the nurse who burdened you with the details of her personal life and neglected to offer you essential information about your treatment was . . .

This nurse's behaviour and negligence are of interest to the College of Nurses who would play an active role in seeing that it does not happen again!!

lina said...

Very glad to hear you are feeling better, but how many more times should I tell you how lucky you are!!! Joe is one amazing man - patience of a saint, good speller - and puts up with you - my God - Joe for President I say!

Belinda said...

Two ends of the spectrum--self absorbed--and selfless. I'm so sorry that you've been ill. I'm praying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,hope you are on the mend. I am laughing at the thought of Joe holding the bag for a half hour,standing on a chair. It might be a record you know? I am sure ive seen this once on an endurence test programme and the guy only lasted 27mins.
Go Joe, the human Dynamo, stood on a chair and let the IV flow!!

A Stella for you my friend x

Jennifer Justice said...

hehe to the devilish Mommy Dearest reference :-)

Melissa said...

You are a lucky guy to have him! I love how your blog reflects the appreciation in every entry, especially this one. So many people take their loved ones for granted.